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Blanco Cigars David and Ceasar Blanco

About Blanco Cigars

The Blanco Cigar Company was founded in the USA in 1998, however the family’s history and roots in the tobacco industry can be traced back to Cuba’s western-most province of Pinar del Rio and their cousins of 80 years, the Plasencia family. The Plasencias, whose roots are also found in Pinar del Rio, are today one of the preeminent tobacco families in the industry. The Plasencias run all farming and manufacturing operations in both Danli, Hunduras and Esteli, Nicaragua.

The Blanco Cigar Company corporate offices and North America Distribution Center are located in Clearwater, FL. The Blanco family believes in a strong family oriented business and as a result much of the family is involved in one aspect of the business or another.

The Blanco Factory

Together, The Blanco & Plasencia families manufacture Blanco Cigars at one of Plasencia’s five factories located in Esteli, Nicaragua. This factory is one of the most opulent and beautiful factories in all of Central America and is commonly referred to as “The Cathedral” due to it’s large stained glass windows and exposed wood beam ceilings.

At the center of the factory is a beautiful courtyard with sharply manicured grass, rose bushes and a refreshing fountain.

The efficiency with which the factory operates is second to none. When walking through it’s halls, “an almost harmonious sense of tranquility comes over you”. These are some of many feelings and emotions that have been described by visitors the the family factory. The reasons for these feelings are simple. QUALITY, TRADITION and VALUE. These are the three principles the family lives by and when you have been doing something as long as the Blanco and Plasencia families have, you have what it takes to grow exceptional QUALITY tobacco, manufacture great cigars using the time honored TRADITION and offer them to market at agreat VALUE.

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Single: $8.33 | Box of 30: $209.99

This cigar has a dark, oily and marbleized colored wrapper. This is a big smoke with a big profile. After 8 attempts at blending this cigar the ninth was perfection! The NINE is a ten.

Wrapper: Oscuro   |   Binder: Nicaraguan    |   Filler: Nicaraguan

Length: 7in
Ring Gauge: 38

Single: $9.04 | Box of 20: $119.99

A mild to medium bodied cigar with creamy notes, sweet earth, hints of oak, dry tobacco and a slight peppery kick with a long smooth finish.

Wrapper: Connecticut Shade   |   Binder: Nicaraguan    |   Filler: Nicaraguan

Mild - Medium
Length: 6in
Ring Gauge: 54

Single: $7.89 | Box of 20: $157.85

A medium-full bodied cigar with hints of oak, sweet earth, spicy tobacco, deep earthy notes and a peppery kick with a long smooth finish.

Wrapper: Maduro   |   Binder: Nicaraguan    |   Filler: Nicaraguan

Length: 5in
Ring Gauge: 54