Frequently Asked Questions About Boutique Cigar Brands

Over time, we have compiled a list of questions that have been frequently asked by our customers. This list will continue to be updated as we find out exactly what our customers are curious about before making a purchase with us.

It is our goal to provide a high quality product with a high level of customer satisfaction. If you have a question that's not currently on this list, feel free to contact us! We always love to hear from our customers.

What is a "Boutique" Cigar?

Just like anything else, everyone has a different idea of what it means to be a "boutique" brand. One rule of thumb to define a boutique cigar that it is not produced in quantities less than 1 million (although most of the brands on our website produce far less than this). Another common indication of whether or not a brand is boutique is that they are not readily found in most cigar shops.

Most of the smaller boutique brands make cigars in limited quantities and don't have major distribution deals. Many of them actually prefer to keep it this way so that they don't ever turn into an "ordinary cigar". This is one of the many things that makes boutique cigars special!

Can I roll my own Boutique Cigars?

Absolutely! Our parent company Leaf Only specializes in supplying whole leaf tobacco and all the tools necessary for rolling your own cigars. For more information, please visit the Roll Your Own Cigar section of

Can you ship your cigars to territories outside of the USA?

Yes, we ship all over the world! For more information, please visit our International Shipping page to learn about the international shipping process and how to place an order.